Cemetery Decorations policy

A Place of perpetual beauty and remembrance

To preserve the aesthetic beauty and dignity of Grandview Cemetery and to safeguard all who visit here as well as our maintenance staff, we ask for your adherence to our Decorations Policy.

General Guidelines

  • Decorations and floral arrangements must be secured in regulation vases.
  • Floral tributes that have become discolored, wilted, seasonally inappropriate, or unsightly, will be removed and disposed of by park personnel.

Scheduled Clean-up Periods

  • In addition to our regular weekly lawn care schedule, we have two (2) cleanup periods each year – the beginning of spring and summer. Floral arrangements and other decorations will be removed if not secured in regulation vases.

Mowing Season

  • During mowing season (April - October), floral arrangements must be placed in regulation vases only. Glass, breakable objects, containers, wire, sticks, toys, windmills, crosses, or any object placed or fixed on markers or graves are not permitted.

Funeral Service Flowers

  • Funeral service flowers will be removed and disposed of by park personnel seven (7) days following the service.

Holiday Season Exceptions

  • Our Cemetery Decoration Day is Memorial Day. Flowers will be removed and disposed of by park personnel after seven (7) days.
  • During the holiday season (November - March), decorations may be placed on graves. These will be removed after March 31. 

Grandview assumes no responsibility for items left on grave sites. Due to the open environment of the cemetery, we cannot prevent theft, vandalism, or the damaging effects of nature. Anyone who is caught stealing or vandalizing items from grave sites will be prosecuted.