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We began with a mission to celebrate life and serve families. So we planted trees, created pathways and nurtured our community. Our first memorial took place in 1960, and since then, Grandview Cemetery has been a peaceful setting where families can come to remember and honor. Over 30 acres, you’ll find natural beauty and quiet corners. There is much joy to be found here, and we invite you to find yours. Explore more. Take a tour. Read our story. Share in experiences.

Grandview Cemetery, Maryville TN
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Grandview Cemetery

2304 Tuckaleechee Pike, Maryville TN 37803
Cremation Memorials
Above Ground Memorials
Traditional Burial
Cemetery Entrances
Cemetery Features
  • Cremation Memorials

    There are many options for cremation, such as our Cremation Garden, Private Urn Mausoleums, above ground Columbarium, and our serene Nature Garden for scattering.

  • Above Ground Memorials

    Our cemetery includes a beautiful Mausoleum and Chapel for above ground memorialization.

  • Traditional Burial

    Grandview provides acres of manicured landscape for traditional burials, including many options for markers and memorials. We also have special burial grounds for Veterans as well.

  • Cemetery Entrances

    We have two beautiful entrances on Tuckaleechee Pike in Maryville, Tennessee - just 1 mile from Smith Funeral & Cremation Service.

  • Cemetery Features

    We have an historic cabin and many other features that add to the beauty of Grandview Cemetery.

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